Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kelly's Polymer Clay Creations!

So, I decided I'd use tonight's post to brag about and advertise for my dear friend Kelly. In her "spare" time (with 2 kids the same age as mine, I can't imagine when that is) she creates these amazing little clay scultpures. She makes statues, magnets, pins, ornaments, beads, and barrettes. She does them for all different holidays and occasions and each one is unique. Some of her scenes include Witches and Jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, Turkeys
with pumpkins and footballs for Thanksgiving (she even takes requests for school names, mascots and sports!), and elves, Santas, snowmen, penquins and reindeer for Christmas and items for pretty much any other holiday you can think of. She makes the cutest magnets for new baby gifts (we got one when Salla was born!), both swaddled babies and older babies with blocks that have initials on them. The statues are about 3 inches high and run from about $10-$20. The magnets and pins are about 1 1/2 inches high and are generally $7

(price depends on the complexity of the design). You can email Kelly at if you are interested in viewing some of her other creations or placing an order. She has a lot of fun making them and obviously puts a lot of time and detail into each one. Email her and support a fellow stay-at-home mom!!

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Kelly said...

Thanks Leah. Check out too
there is a dude in the mail for you too.