Friday, October 26, 2007

How Was Your Day?

What happened today you ask?

I joined a gym and worked out for the first time in over a year at 6:45am this morning, it was pure bliss!

Salla took a 1 hour and 15 min nap in the morning! I am still in shock. On the downside, all the crying seems to have taken a toll on her voice. My 5 month old baby is hoarse! As if I don't feel guilty enough...

I mowed the front lawn (don't ask where I found the energy, I am regretting it now...)

Ethan got a small berry stuck up his left nostril right before dinner. It was so far in, I couldn't see it and almost didn't believe it was in there. It almost required an emergency room visit, but luckily I was able to work with him to blow it out...

I managed to get both kids to bed tonight by myself without a whole lot of chaos and zero crying

When Seth got home I went to visit with my friend and the most precious little babies I've ever seen! She delivered twins on Wednesday afternoon, a boy and a girl. They are soooo tiny and soooo perfect!

I ended my day with a cup of sorbet/frozen yogurt and now I'm going to sign off and go snuggle in bed.

Just another day in the Stegmaier house...


Carrie said...

You ARE supermom...I am soo jealous that you worked out! Maybe you will motivate me!

We had a Halloween party for the kids on our street yesterday, and I highly recommend the craft we did. I got "face" stickers and a small pumpkin for everyone and they all decorated their pumpkins with original was a real hit,totally mess free and everyone had something to take home. The website for Oriental Trading Company has great crafts that are inexpensive and easy since they are delivered to your door.

Well, time to get Gunner up from his nap....he has taken to knocking on his bedroom door when he wants out (not to mention taking his blanket into his closet and falling asleep on the floor in there!).

Kelly said...

I think I need to workout too. I almost lost it today and need some time to get it all out.Ladybugs are attacking my house and that isn't helping. Someone needs to want to buy one of my dudes too. okay thanks for that.

Rebecca, Dave, and Joey said...

Congratulations for regaining the freedom to actually have a life! It sounds like you had a great day! You know, when I sit back and really think about it, I never really nursed Joey to sleep. At least if it happened, there was never a pattern. I guess it turned out to be a fortunate accident, because it was not a conscious decision on my part. It was so unconscious, in fact, that I never suggested it to you, and I feel a little bad about that! Oh well, off for the morning breakfast battle!