Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quote of the week...

I thought it was funny that Amber's post was about kids story telling because Ethan has been telling the wildest stories the past few days. Today it was something about Jesus and spiders trying to drink his blood (what are they teaching him at that school?!). Thankfully in the end, the spiders decided to give him his blood back (they must have known who they were messing with...). I told Ethan I appreciated the happy ending.

Anyway, on to my topic. I had to get this one down before I forgot. 

Ethan and Grandma and Pap Pap were sitting at the dinner table when Pap Pap asked Ethan about the creation story and how we were created by God.

Pap Pap: "So God created Ethan in His own image..."

Grandma: "So, is God just like Ethan or is Ethan just like God?"

Ethan: "No, I'm not just like God, I'm wearing my soccer shirt"

Enough said.


Tracy said...

So glad the spiders gave Jesus back his blood. :) Too cute! I Love this age and all the funny things they say!

Carrie said...

What an amazing imagination...I love it! But OBVIOUSLY God doesn't wear a soccer shirt...LOL

Amber said...

That was too funny, although it sounds like a very scary dream! You really have to capture this stuff while you remember!

Holley said...

Where does our imagination go these kids of ours are hilarious!